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种植支抗结合正畸矫治青年人上颌骨发育不足的临床研究 Clinical study of orthodontic treatment of maxillary deficiency in youth with implant anchorage combines; 分子式: CAS号: 性质:能抑制或杀伤支原体的抗生素的统称。临床常用于治疗支原体感染的抗生素有

说明: 双击或选中下面任意单词,将显示该词的音标、读音、翻译等;选中中文或多个词,将显示翻译。 Application of outer alveolar implant anchorage in treatment of borderline cases 正畸治疗中磨牙的拔除和保留(四十六) 牙槽外种植支抗在安氏Ⅱ类边缘性

A dental implant (also known as an endosseous implant or fixture) is a surgical component that interfaces with the bone of the jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge, denture, facial prosthesis or to act as an orthodontic anchor. The basis for modern dental implants is a biologic process called osseointegration, in

ICD-9-CM: 23.5-23.6

我想应该是micro implant anchorage 中文 应该是:微(螺钉)种植体支抗 评论 0 0 加载更多 置顶 你想知道的这里都有 已解决问题:263,563,548 新手帮助 如何提问 如何回答 权威合作 企业合作

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Anchorage:锚固 牙种植(dental implant)是指将无机的异体材料锚固(anchorage)在颌骨内,为缺失牙的修复体提供支持和固定. 因此牙种植包括种植体的外科植入、义齿的制作及戴入和种植修复完成后的维护等一系列过程. 除口腔种植和牙种植外, Anchorage:安克拉

Objective:To investigate the effects and mechanism of microscrew implant anchorage(MIA) in speeding up the closure of extraction space by one step and retraction of anterior teeth.Methods:Twenty-three patients with teeth extraction and required strong posterior

Author: Zhou Yan, Fang Zhixin, Huang Minfang, Chen Shiwen, OU Xiaoli

These small smokey – black birds fly in flocks and , in flight , look like small anchors due to their short square tail and long narrow wings桉樹樹皮非常薄,據說耳朵貼著樹干靜心細聽,可聽到樹內的毛細管吸水聲。 These small smokey – black birds fly in flocks and

mini implant的中文翻译 mini implant 种植体 双语例句 1 The fourth is using mini-implant as an anchorage to move the teeth to correct position. 四是利用种植钉作支抗,用皮链牵引其达到正常牙位; 2 Conclusion: Supporting the use of

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dental implant是什么意思 dental implant在线翻译 dental implant什么意思 dental implant的意思 dental implant的翻译 dental implant的解释 1. The research on tetracycline fluorescent staining method before and after palatal implant anchorage was applied in expanding narrow dental arch.

Objective: Built a three-dimensional finite element maxillary model including different diameter and length anchorage implant and analysis it, which can be used to chose the best implant. 正畸矯治中,解決支抗牙的移動是正畸醫師面臨的難題。

Objective To evaluate the clinical stability of the palatal implant anchorage system in orthodontic treatment. 口腔矯治器能減少上齶振顫和舌根鼾症?Does an oral appliance reduce palatal flutter and tongue base snoring?

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Regarding implant (medicine), one of the milestone progress is osseointegration which was termed in 1981 by Tomas Albrektsson. The scope of this article is limited to the pre-1981 history There is archeological evidence that humans have attempted to replace missing teeth with root form implants for thousands of years.

palatal中文:上顎音,點擊查查權威綫上辭典詳細解釋palatal的中文翻譯,palatal Conclusion with respect to the protection of the anchorage of molar , it is more suitable for the palatal implant to connect with the first permanent molar than with the maxillary

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Implant dentures is a minimally invasive and economical full jaw missing teeth solution. Dental implant posts on Implant supported dentures treatment provides the full overdentures with retention and anchorage. The implant posts holds down the full dentures

Mini-plate implant anchorage for maxillary protraction in Class III malocclusion] .NCBI [引用日期2017-08-10] 36. Extraction treatment of an adult patient with severe bimaxillary dentoalveolar protrusion using microscrew anchorage .万方 [引用日期2017-08-10]

英文: Conclusion With respect to the protection of the anchorage of molar, it is more suitable for the palatal implant to connect with the first permanent molar than with the maxillary second bicuspid.中文: 结论就保护磨牙支抗来说,种植体连接在上领第一性磨牙较之连接在上领第二双尖牙更加合适。

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日毅醫牙圖書公司 微植體(MIA)齒顎矯正治療 絕對錨基治療機轉的 – 書名:微植體(MIA)齒顎矯正治療 絕對錨基治療機轉的世界 (中譯版) 原文書名: The Orthodontic Treatment Using Micro-Implant: the Clinical Application of MIA (Micro-Implant Anchorage

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Implant definition is – to fix or set securely or deeply. How to use implant in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of implant. Choose the Right Synonym for implant Verb implant, inculcate, instill, inseminate, infix mean to introduce into the mind. implant implies teaching that makes for permanence of

Conventionally anchorage is derived from dental, muscular, or skeletal components of the dentofacial complex and is often dependent on a high degree of patient compliance. The recent development of the microscrew implant has provided the clinician with a

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An improved mechanical testing method to test the anchorage of bone to candidate implant surfaces is presented. The method is applicable to both early and later stages of healing and can be employed for any range of chemically or mechanically modified surfaces – but not smooth surfaces.

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摘要: INTRODUCTION: This clinical pilot study evaluated the stability, surrounding soft-tissue health, and patient comfort and acceptance of a mini-implant used as anchorage for maxillary permanent canine retraction. METHODS: The study was conducted in the

ortho168的臨床矯正課程。 973 個讚 · 2 人正在談論這個。從矯正的基本力學出發,由淺入深,提綱挈領的歸納整理,再進到病例的診斷分析與治療計劃,包括各類型的異常咬合的治療方法,都將有詳細探討,以建立整體的概念。

開放取用是從使用者角度提升資訊取用性的社會運動,應用在學術研究上是透過將研究著作公開供使用者自由取閱,以促進學術傳播及因應期刊訂購費用逐年攀升。同時可加速研究發展、提升研究影研究影響力,NTU scholars即為本校的開放取用典藏(OA Archive)平台。

10.Biomechanics and Potential Bilateral Orthodontic Anchorage Capacity of Bicortical Microimplant for Tooth Movement;微型双皮质双侧支抗种植体在牙齿移动中的支抗作用与生物力学分析 11.The influence of micro-implant insertion angle on the stability of micro

Keywords:cone beam CT;micro-implant anchorage;maxillary anterior region;safe zones 微种植支抗钉作为一种新兴的骨性支抗,具备易植入 和去除、种植体体积小等优点,被越来越多的医生和患者 所接

因為 tof 了解剛開始接觸 zygomatic implant 的醫師常常丈二金剛摸不著頭腦,所以在這裡用一張簡單又一目了然的圖示說明(有圖有真相),基本上 zygomatic implant 就是比較長的人工植體(通常長度 30mm-52.5mm),而主要的 anchorage 是在 zygoma 而

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Osseointegrated titanium implants: requirements for ensuring a long-lasting, direct bone-to-implant anchorage in man. Acta Orthopaedica 52(2):155-170. 連結: Araújo MG, Sukekava F, Wennström JL, Lindhe J (2005). Ridge alterations following implant

局部正畸联合微螺钉支抗在对颌牙伸长邻牙倾斜种植修复中的应用_基础医学_医药卫生_专业资料 37人阅读|次下载 局部正畸联合微螺钉支抗在对颌牙伸长邻牙倾斜种植修复中的应用_基础医学_医药卫生_专业资料。上海口腔医学 2011 年 6 月 第 20 卷 第 3 期 Shanghai Journal of

系統識別號 U0007-3107201120215500 論文名稱(中文) 以有限元素法分析矯正用骨釘應力分布狀態 論文名稱(英文) Stress distribution analysis of orthodontic implant with finite element method 校院名稱 臺北醫學大學 系所名稱(中)

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Conclusion The non-immediately loaded implant as an anchorage can afford more stability than the immediately loaded implant. 目的研究口腔正畸微植入支抗螺距对骨界面稳定性的影响。Objective To study the stability of micro-implant orthodontic anchorage with

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palatal的中文意思:adj.腭的;【语音】腭音的。n.【语音】腭音。,查阅palatal的详细中文 Conclusion with respect to the protection of the anchorage of molar , it is more suitable for the palatal implant to connect with the first permanent molar than with the

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Graftless solution means that you have ways to avoid putting implant at the non-ideal area where bone volume is not adequate, such as the Zygomatic implants where the anchorage of the implant are mainly at the Zygomatic bone. Sometimes we could put

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