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GuavaPass gives you access to group fitness classes at high-quality fitness studios around Asia. From Yoga, Pilates to TRX, we have something for everyone! Anissa Rahim Blogger With GuavaPass, everything is made simpler to accommodate my schedule AND

GuavaPass 提供全亚洲范围内优质健身工作室的精品团体课程。从瑜伽,普拉提到TRX 抗阻力训练,各类健身课程应有尽有!尝试更多你喜欢的运动 数千个课程任您选择,让你发现

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GuavaPass 切换页面 课程列表 合作伙伴 会员方案 & 价格 购买GuavaPass 简体中文 En 简体中文 粵語 ไทย Bahasa 登录 还差一步! 注册免费账户,即可查看所有健身课程

GuavaPass会员可享受全亚洲范围内精品健身工作室提供的优质健身课程,从瑜伽,普拉提到悬挂训练,总有适合你的课程!还没有注册账户? 注册

GuavaPass is a monthly subscription to the best fitness classes in your city. GuavaPass members have access to unlimited classes at studios on the GuavaPass platform GuavaPass 切換導航 Class Schedule Partner Studios Plans & Pricing Get GuavaPass

had been operating in Asia for about 6 months and our limited time introductory pricing had come to an end,” said I get it, you’ve acquired Guavapass and can maybe afford to give zero Fs

The best fitness studios, classes and experiences in Hong Kong are on ClassPass. Choose where, when and how you want to work out, all with one easy membership. Every class with one fitness passIt all starts with a class. Choose the classes, whenever and

As SHEIA’s clients often travel around the world, we sometimes receive texts from clients as they are lying on beds of top rated waxing salons in London, New York, Chicago, Sidney, Melbourne, Vancouver, Toronto, or Hong Kong and etc., tearing up with pa

Plans & Pricing Get GuavaPass 粵語 En 简体中文 粵語 ไทย Bahasa 登入 Line+ Fitness 抱歉,近期在Line+ Fitness沒有可取得的課程 GuavaPass 芭樂健身通行證 在你的城市裡是由健身工作室及健康生活專家所組成最大的社群。 取得廣泛的健身工作室課程

GuavaPass芭樂健身通行證 在你的城市裡是由健身工作室及健康生活專家所組成最大的社群。 取得廣泛的健身工作室課程以及我們獨有的芭樂津貼!

Plans & Pricing Get GuavaPass 粵語 En 简体中文 粵語 ไทย Bahasa 登入 關於 Talking about fitness- we are pretty serious GuavaPass 芭樂健身通行證 在你的城市裡是由健身工作室及健康生活專家所組成最大的社群。 取得廣泛的健身工作室課程以及我們

我們在GuavaPass提供的課程 GuavaPass芭樂健身通行證 在你的城市裡是由健身工作室及健康生活專家所組成最大的社群。 取得廣泛的健身工作室課程以及我們獨有的芭樂津貼!

FineYoga was founded in 2002, belonging to Beijing fine yoga fitness center. 14 years ago, “advanced, professional, excellence” is our constant pursuit. In the “industry leader” GuavaPass芭樂健身通行證 在你的城市裡是由健身工作室及健康生活專家所組成最大的社

加入GuavaPass,取得這些食品、衣服等驚人的折扣價!完美搭配你的健康生活 健康生活不只是健身而已,凡是你吃的、穿的、用的都是不可或缺的一部分。有了芭樂津貼,你可以享受我們超棒的合作夥伴所提供的折扣,讓你可以擁有一個全面健康的生活。

Considering most of the gym classes offered on GuavaPass cost about HK$200-300 per drop-in session, if you go a minimum of five times a month, it’ll be worth your while. Many of these studios cost upwards of HK$2000 per month for a package, so you really 5.

Plans & Pricing Get GuavaPass 粵語 En 简体中文 粵語 ไทย Bahasa 登入 Suzy Yoga Space 抱歉,近期在Suzy Yoga Space沒有可取得的課程。請稍後再次查看更多更新的課程。關於 地點 Suzy Yoga Room (SuperLife 2nd floor

Can I still access my GuavaPass dashboard after January 14th, the anticipated closing date of the acquisition? How does the dynamic pricing model work? Dynamic pricing helps maximize a studio’s revenue with the goal of bringing more traffic to a studio’s

The GuavaPass business model is perfect for someone like myself who finds gyms tedious and craves a variety in their workout regime. The pricing point is AMAZING, especially for Hong Kong. I go to at least five classes per week and I have been adventurous in trying out classes I

ClassPass pricing The membership program works on a credit system and every member would start with at least 15 credits per month, in which a maximum of 10 ClassPass credits can be rolled over to the next month if the credits were not utilized during the


I was so interested in trying out GuavaPass, the service that lets you access dozens of gyms for a flat monthly rate of $899 that can be canceled at will. Spice up your fitness routine with different classes around Hong Kong. How many times have you given up on

GuavaPass, which launched in Hong Kong in 2015, follows the same model. Currently, in Hong Kong, you can get a four-class pass for HK$588, which works out at HK$147 a session. The company also

SINGAPORE – GuavaPass members, here’s an exciting opportunity to meet Eat, Train, Love (ETL) new trainer Danielle. Until January 31st, book into a class with Danielle and GuavaPass members can bring a non-GuavaPass member for free! Here are the classes

Yoga. Cycling. Boxing. One app gets you into the best fitness classes near you. Just search a class, reserve your spot and work out. No studio limits With ClassPass, there’s no limit to how often you can visit studios. So whether you’re trying out new spots every

Brought to you by Ursus Fitness (March 12-13) Two competitions are available for men and women to enter mid-March. BearCamp uses back-to-back Strongman equipment such as log bars, kegs, and tyres. Performance will be judged on timing/reps; and Strongman/woman which will use iconic Strongman equipment with emphasis on maximum weights.

At GuavaPass We Do Surfing a Little Different written by Antonia Da Cruz We are proud to announce our latest partnership with SURFSET Fitness. One of the region’s most coveted partners, SURFSET is available via GuavaPass in Singapore, Bangkok, and

For most of us, getting up at the crack of dawn is a special type of torture. If you don’t have a good reason to get up earlier than necessary, chances are you won’t. But, there’s a lot to be said about waking up and doing beneficial yoga first thing in the morning. This

The best fitness studios, classes, gyms and experiences are on ClassPass. Work out where you want, when you want, and how you want, all with one membership. Common questions When does my trial start? What does my free trial include? How does my trial

Hong Kong members of ClassPass, the leading fitness subscription startup, have taken to social media to voice dismay over fee increases without prior knowledge or notification. Subscribers complained of charges of up to 50% more than their intended monthly commitment. of up to 50% more than their intended monthly commitment.

Let’s hope GuavaPass can get the community into shape. Join theDesk in Causeway Bay and Sai Ying Pun We have the space. You have the ideas. Let’s make it together. Contact [email protected] today. Discover how our inclusive community, flexible

One of HK’s newest immersive boxing clubs, Lights//Out is taking boxing classes to the next level. A concept gym driven by music and inspired by nightclub boxing trends, it delivers a unique high

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Meet the community: In great shape: GuavaPass move to theDesk at One Hysan Avenue Starting as low as HK$300 per day, theDesk’s flexible plans and pricing are attractive to all types of businesses. Having secured 40 percent occupancy rate, months before

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Be part of the inclusive community Join GuavaPass and many others at theDesk, Causeway Bay and Sai Ying Pun. Let’s make it happen. Together. Contact [email protected] today. Discover how our inclusive community, flexible plans and pricing can help start and grow your business.

Pow is a fun combative sports training center & Muay Thai school. Our program offers exercise training with a focus on fitness & health. Conveniently located at the centre of Lan Kwai Fong & Causeway Bay, POW Muay Thai and Fitness is a fun, effective and combative sports training

Between subscription companies like Tradegecko and Guavapass, on-demand platforms like Grab, e-commerce startups like Grain and Hipvan, and new kinds of marketplaces like Oddle, more than 50% of venture-backed companies in Singapore now use Stripe.

Check out our new pricing. Purchase by 31 Oct for 10% off on ALL packages. Visit MINDBODY for bookings & details Pre-Natal yoga is a great way to tone and strengthen safely while reducing anxiety through breathing and relaxation techniques. Class

Fitness Studios in Seattle Great instructor. Encouraging and warm without being overly aggressive. Loved the parts where she acknowledged people were at different places throughout the workout and said that was okay instead of shaming those who couldn’t do it

Fitness First members experience the best gym facilities, workout classes, and services. Find out more about Fitness First Singapore Membership and the benefits you get now. More membership plans that are flexible to your lifestyle needs are also available.

Led the planning and execution of the firm’s first overseas venture in South East Asia; developed a 5-year business plan, negotiated with 3 business groups for operational support, and reported directly to the CEO. Coordinated with senior managers to develop the

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Want to de-stress? Get toned? Or stay fit? Whether you are an experienced practitioner, an absolute beginner, or an expectant mother, Pure Yoga offers a variety of classes for all shapes and sizes to choose from and benefit most from the ultimate yoga experience.

BUSY WOMAN PROJECT – “SharedSpace is there early in the Asian market for Movement, through podcasts and shows. As movement teachers discover the power of personal branding, we are there to support them with business strategy. We’ll continue to roll

Page 11 of 25 – Follow the Stripe blog to learn about new product features, the latest in technology, payment solutions, and business initiatives. You can also stay up to date on product announcements and international expansion. 本日、日本へ向けて Stripe の標準

The best fitness studios, classes and experiences in Dubai are on ClassPass. Work out where you want, when you want, and how you want, with one membership. Every class with one fitness passCommitting is hard — so don’t. Work out our top-rated gyms, try any workout in Dubai and do it all with one app. Try ClassPass today for free.

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